Media Release – Kevin Rudd must respond to allegations that he threatened our military veterans

22 Aug 2013

Media Release

Senator the Hon Michael Ronaldson, Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs
Wednesday 21 August 2013

Kevin Rudd must respond to allegations that he threatened our military veterans

Kevin Rudd must immediately respond to disturbing claims made on radio this morning that he threatened veterans during a meeting in Canberra six weeks ago.

According to an interview on 4BC radio earlier today, Mr Rudd is alleged to have told veterans that any criticism of Labors 11th hour, half-baked unfair military superannuation indexation policy would result in them getting nothing.

Respected national spokesman for the Fair Go campaign, Air Vice Marshal Peter Criss (Retd) told 4BC Brisbane this morning that Mr Rudd said:

“Dont bag us. Because if you bag us, well pull up the drawbridge and youll get nothing.”

Mr Rudd needs to explain urgently whether he made such threatening and disrespectful remarks to Australias military veterans who have selflessly put their lives on the line in the service of their country.

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