Media Statement Sen.Lambie orders drafting of Private Members’ Bill on ADF Pay

9 Nov 2014

Lambie orders drafting of Private Members’ Bill which links Defence Pay Rises to CPI and Politicians’ Pay increases.

Senator Jacqui Lambie has asked the Office of Parliamentary Council to begin work on drafting Private Members’ Legislation which will guarantee Defence Force Members’ wages are increased by at least the annual CPI rate, or the rate at which Politicians’ wages are increased – whichever is the greater.

Senator Lambie’s move comes after Australia’s leading defence writer Ian McPhedran reported that, “a wave of anger has erupted from the ranks of the Australian Defence Force and the community following the government’s decision to cut pay and leave entitlements for military personnel.”

“I’m not going to stand by silently and fail to act, as this Liberal / National Party government steals money, holidays and entitlements from those who are ready to fight and die to protect us from our enemies, who right now, are knocking at Australia’s door.” said Senator Lambie

“And while I applaud Labor for writing a letter to Prime Minister Abbott, which essentially points out what a bastard he is for forcing, what is actually a pay cut on our military families – I’m now giving Opposition Leader Bill Shorten an opportunity to do more than a political tap dance while wringing his hands.

If Mr Shorten wants to force the Abbott government to fairly pay our defence force members, then he’ll agree to support my Private Members’ Bill. It will guarantee that members of our ADF receive at a minimum, pay rises linked to the annual CPI rate, or the same pay rise percentage that federal politicians receive – whichever is greater.” said Senator Lambie

“Mr Shorten can also throw his support behind my call for members of the public and Veterans to silently turn their backs on any member of the Abbott government who tries to make a big noting speech on Remembrance or ANZAC days. It won’t disrupt any ceremony. Only Abbott government members will do that if they choose to deliver self-serving, hypocritical speeches.

Mr Shorten knows that it is the Abbott Government who has politicised those sacred days with their insincere rhetoric. The ANZAC’s will roll in their graves when coalition members of parliament pretend to honour our serving members while being part of a disgusting betrayal of Australia’s Defence families.

Our ADF heroes didn’t die so that selfish politicians could take what they pleased from the public purse, while soldiers, who risked their lives to protect our freedoms, are treated like dogs and thrown scraps from the nation’s table. It’s possible to honor the dead and at the same time, fight like hell for the living. All Australian politicians must live up to the ANZAC legend not off it.” said Senator Lambie

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