20 Jun 2016

DKJ4   ADSO’s National Spokesman, David Jamison, has welcomed the ALP’s Veteran Policy announcements in the lead up to the Federal Election on 2 July. “We congratulate Labor for releasing its Veterans Policy, covering some of the major issues of concern to veterans.”

Mr Jamison said “Labor has picked up a small number of ADSO’s objectives to support Defence personnel and veterans such as an extensive review of Veterans Affairs, a comprehensive study into suicide and homelessness, a review of the ADF remuneration process and the establishment of an Australian National Veterans Arts Care Centre (ANVAC) in Melbourne.”

Although these initiatives are welcomed we are disappointed that no announcement was made on our four major objectives whether a Shorten Government will:
1. Enact a Military Accord formally stating the Nations obligations to its service personnel and their families;
2. Restore disabled veterans compensation payments for its loss of value and provide our most disabled veterans with an income level enabling them to live with dignity and provide for their families;
3. Remove the discriminatory provisions of the military superannuation schemes; and
4. Provide for lifelong health support for veterans sent to war/warlike operations.

We call on Labor to reconsider these significant omissions.

Meanwhile we are concerned that the Coalition has still not released its comprehensive Defence Personnel or Veteran Policies, apart from what was included in their last budget and the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Initiative.

All parties should appreciate that many thousands of Defence personnel, veterans and their families live and vote in marginal seats. ADSO expects that ADF Personnel and Veteran Policies of the major parties, the minor parties and independents will be a key factor in the election.

“It is time for the Coalition to also announce a comprehensive Veterans Policy” said Mr Jamison, and added “ADSO challenges the Coalition to address all of the key issues so that the Defence Community will be prepared to make informed decisions at the ballot box.”

ADSO Campaign Co Directors: Ted Chitham (0418) 733 887 and Alf Jaugietis (0438) 282 284

ADSO National Spokesman: David Jamison (0416) 107 557

United we stand, divided we fall