DFRDB Meeting Ipswich

20 Oct 2011

The Meeting was successfully organised by Peter Felton (President RSL Ipswich Sub-Branch) and Morry Hill at the Ipswich RSL Services Club on Saturday 8 October 2011.

About 150 men and women attended. The Local MP Shayne Neumann (ALP-Blair) was invited but did not attend.

The mood of the meeting was certainly anti the Governments handling of the matter. Speakers were Morry Hill who gave an excellent overview, Rod Shortridge and Ted Chitham. Phill Narramore gave a very impressive brief of his research and the results of his meetings with both the PM Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. He is very active and has volunteered to join our Action Group in his electorate.

Overall it was a successful and inspiring meeting. I was heartened by the enthusiasm and detailed understanding of the impact that the unfair indexation has on their standard of living. I am sure we have 150 advocates to spread the word.

The format and venue was excellent. It is a model to be used for such meetings in other electorates.

The meeting was reported by the Ipswich Advertiser here and it attracted letters to the Editor below

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