Military Superannuation Benefits Scheme

26 Mar 2014

This is the first in a new series of videos that addresses the shortcomings
of the current military superannuation scheme – MSBS.


We understand that many of our supporters are not MSBS members and that most
of the issues raised in these videos do not directly affect them. But they
do affect some 50,000 members of the ADF who are still serving as well as
others who have already left the ADF. Details of MSBS can be seen at

 Unfortunately, many of those still serving are unaware of the shortcomings
of the MSBS superannuation scheme. We must do all we can to overcome that
lack of knowledge by spreading the word to all of our supporters by all
means including email contacts, facebook etc. You may not personally know
anyone who is serving today, but one of your ex-military or civilian
contacts might.

 Please don’t assume that someone else or some other group will pass this
email and video link on to other individuals and groups.

Assume they won’t!

It is better to have multiple emails arriving at inboxes than none at all.

None of us want to see the current generation of ADF Diggers fighting the
same superannuation battles as us in 20 years time!

MSBS problems need to be fixed NOW.

The solution starts with getting the facts to all of those affected.

 You can help us do that.

This is our challenge:

Starting here with this email,

let’s see if we can virally reach

50, 000 inboxes

of those MSBS members now serving.

Don’t forget to click on the like button and the share button after watching
the video. This encourages others to do the same and widens the broadcast.

From the “Fair Go!” Team