Petition Update – Monday December 1st – Parliament House Canberra

30 Nov 2014

Nov 28, 2014 — The Petitioner, Tony Dagger, reports:  that “on Monday 1 December, I have just had confirmed that Channel Nine will be doing a live cross at 7:09am (AEST) to Canberra to conduct an interview. I will be attending Parliament…” Read more

During the day Tony will be at Parliament House to deliver his petition to the following recipients:

  • Stuart Robert, the PM’s representative, in a private meeting,
  • Bill Shorten the Opposition Leader,
  • Bob Katter,
  • Christine Milne the Green’s Leader, and
  • Jacqi Lambie now an Independant Senator.

Tony will be escorted by a small Defence Family representative group (six persons) of ADF spouses, veterans, veterans disability pensioners and Les Bienkiewicz from ADSO.

This event is neither a protest nor a rally but just a small team supporting Tony to hand over his petition to each recipient. There will be NO banners, NO drums, NO placards.  

It is expected to be well covered by the media as a simple handover of a petition and no doubt interviews and photo opportunities. Be prepared to respond to any subsequent news reports direct to the reporting media paper, radio or TV station and to your MP.

 For those people in Canberra who wish to show their support we ask that you attend only as peaceful observers and supporters in the background. Please No banners, or placards or other inappropriate props or actions.

 The petition may be raised in the House of Representatives and the Senate Question Times on Monday.