PM fails this knowledge test

30 May 2013

The PM visits St John Fisher girls school in Brisbane and fails her military superannuation indexation knowledge test.

The link is HERE

This is a fairy tale like no other! The video captures the PM earlier in April in a Q&A at St John Fisher College in Brisbane. 

One of the students asks the PM a question on military veterans pensions which prompted her to respond with a lovely story recited through rose coloured glasses about generous military retirement pensions, far superior to the age pension, and raising the wicked spectre of the billions of dollars it would cost the Nation to change the system. However, in this ADSO production, the mythical world of the PM is soon brought crashing back to earth with a reality check by our National Media spokesman Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Peter Criss.

In this video Peter Criss once again exposes the Labor Governments ignorance on the pressing need to restore the indexation of miltary superannuation pensions to maintain purchasing power. 

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