1 Mar 2013


You will be aware of the PMs visit to stay in the area (Sunday-Thursday 3-7 March) to meet the people and listen to their concerns. Her accommodation is at the Novotel Hotel Rooty Hill next to the RSL
Heres the opportunity to have your say either as part of an ADSO Team activity or if you prefer individually to be present at any of the PMs (yet to be announced) activities (visits to shopping malls, community gatherings etc). As soon as we have the PMs itinerary Ill pass it to you. In all our activities we wear some distinguishing item to identify us as military (medals, caps, clothing etc).
Since the PMs election she has declined ADSOs request three times to meet personally with her to discuss our major issues: the indexation of military superannuation retirement pay and the return to parity of the DVA disability pensions. So here is our chance.
For the latest on those issues see our Update 27 Your Voice Your Vote
If you prefer to join the ADSO Team activities please let Bob Ihlein know asap so he can brief you on the outline plan. The first activity is planned for Sunday afternoon/evening.
Please remember that ADSO does not support or oppose any political party but may publicly support or oppose their policies where these affect serving and/or former members.
Its Time to have your say. I hope you will.
Ted Chitham
FGC Co-Director
Bob Ihlein
FGC NSW Action Team Leader
[email protected]