Prime Ministers visit to Sydneys Western Suburbs

3 Mar 2013

The PM has gone direct to the people in the Western Sydney Suburbs  to listen to their concerns.
If you live in those areas and are concerned with the Governments military injustices related to breaches of “contracts” by its failures to:
• Restore veterans disability pensions to the right parity rate (this means for Special Rate/TPIs a recovery of about $3,300 pa, for the 100% General Rate pensions a recovery of about $1,200 and for other lesser percentage disabilities a pro rata amount) and,
• index military superannuation retirement payments to retain their purchasing power,
thereby reducing your payments ability to keep pace with the increasing cost of living which is seriously reducing your familys standard of living, then here is your opportunity to have a say. Get the facts here

Her itinerary has not yet been released but we believe she will visit the electorates of Chifley, McMahon, Macquarie, Lindsay, Greenway, Watson, Banks, Reid and Grayndler and in each visit a major shopping centre/mall.

If you want to join the ADSO Teams activities then email Bob Ihlein  [email protected] or phone him 0147655646 . He will brief you on the plan.

If you prefer to act solo in your own electorate area then we suggest you:
• Keep alert for news of the PMs locations through your own contacts and local media and when known tell Bob so he can pass it on. He will pass on any information he receives to you.
• Wear an item that identifies you as a supporter: medals, caps, polo shirts etc
• Have your spouse accompany you if possible.
• Persevere in your attempts to speak with the PM.
• Be civil in your conversation with the PM and her staff. Do not use obscene, abusive or threatening language or actions.
• At the location join with other identified supporters.
• Tell Bob of your experience.
Thanks for your support.