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1 Feb 2012


Issue # 8 Dated: 1 February 2012

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 As a follow up to Petes first article, 12 January 2012

Why have we abandoned our troops?

Punch has published another excellent article by him.

War is hell, and military life is no picnic

The article debunks many of the myths and deep misunderstanding about Defence life that appeared in comments following his first article and reinforces the indexation issue.

It is a piece well worth reading and passing on to all of your contacts, both military and civilian.

There are further ill-informed comments appearing on this article. Once again, we need to correct any rubbish comments made and demonstrate strong support for Peter and the article (as we did last time.) Please go to the site and leave a comment, no matter how brief, and ask all of your contacts to do the same.

We know that politicians and their staffers and many other journalists read articles on the Punch site and we must continue to show our strong resolve, particularly to this weekends Labor Caucus meeting (“the butchers paper and texta meeting”).

Call to Action

Further to our Calls for Action re the Labor Caucus meeting on Sunday (Update 10), be aware that the Subject Name on your emails may be treated as SPAM by the Politicians or be blocked by the sites administrators without the receivers knowledge.

Here is the experience of one resolute supporter:

“I tried to email Senator XXXX on Monday, but my email was rejected because of its heading – I used Indexation of Military Pensions as my header – unfortunately I deleted the rejection reply and cant pass it on to you. I was smarter than they thought, and resent it successfully with a new heading “Pensions”

Advice from another resolute supporter, Jim Anderson, to get your message through: (Apologies for those who recieved this email twice, I forgot to add this section)

For those who still havent sent a letter or an email to their ALP member, or Senator, here is another option that you can use to get your message straight into the politicians office.

Log on to the websites



to get the list of all Members/Senators in Party order.

Click on to the Member/Senator you wish to contact.

On their page click on “Online: Contact Form”. (Note not all Members/Senators have this box so I know that it may be a hit and miss option with your Member/Senator but its worth a try). The PM does not have this box but Dr Kelly, MP does!

Complete the details You can even have a letter copied ready to send. Place your cursor into the comments section, click the right button and hit “Paste”.

Press submit”


From the “Fair Go!” Team

Campaign Directors: Ted Chitham , Ray Gibson 

Campaign National Spokesperson: David Jamison 

Stay current with the Campaign at www.adso.org.au