Push to Establish an Australian Defence Covenant

9 Sep 2015

Senator James McGrath Senator for Queensland Media Release 9 September 2015

Queensland LNP Senator James McGrath has today launched a nation-wide petition calling for the establishment of an Australian Defence Covenant. Watch his presentation to the Senate here

Senator McGrath said defence force personnel and their families made a unique contribution to the nation that needed the formal support and recognition of Australia’s Parliament.

“The brave men and women of Australia’s defence force make a contribution like no other, defending our freedoms and liberties at home and abroad,” Senator McGrath said.

“Whether it’s leading a multinational humanitarian task force in East Timor, fighting militant jihadists in Afghanistan or responding to disasters like the Black Saturday bushfires – the Australian Defence Force serves our nation valiantly.”

Senator McGrath said a Defence Covenant would act as a charter of rights for serving, discharged and retired members of the Australian Defence Force and their families. “This idea is essentially based upon the notion that the entire country has a moral obligation to the men and women who serve and have served in our armed forces, and their families,” Senator McGrath said.

Senator McGrath said the idea had in principle support from ex-service organisations including the Defence Force Welfare Association, the Queensland Veteran’s Advisory Council, Legacy, the Alliance of Defence Service Organisations and Mate for Mates.

National President of the Defence Force Welfare Association Colonel David Jamison warmly welcomed Senator McGrath’s initiative.
“The time for adopting an Australian Military Covenant has now arrived. It flows from an understanding of the unique nature of military service, a concept now widely accepted in the wider community and universally by all sides of politics,” Colonel Jamison said.

To sign this important petition please visit: www.defencecovenant.com

Media contact: 07 5441 1800 or 0427 200 674