South Australia recognises Veterans’ Families Day

3 May 2024

South Australia will become the first state to acknowledge Veterans’ Families Day, to be held annually on 15 May.

The South Australian government announced that the day would recognise the “backbone” of the veteran community who support members of the Australian Defence Force, including spouses, partners, children, and families.

The day will reflect the personal sacrifices of veteran families, who often give up careers, fulfil the role of two parents during deployments, and frequently relocate.

The day is also set to recognise the children of Australian veterans, with 15 May chosen to coincide with the International Day of Families.

The announcement has been welcomed by veteran family support groups including Legacy.

Robert Eley CSC, president, Legacy Club of South Australia and Broken Hill, reflected that families underpin the wellbeing of those who serve.

“The Legacy Club of South Australia and Broken Hill Inc is proud to support the inaugural Veterans’ Families Day in South Australia,” Eley reflected.

As an organisation that has spent 100 years serving the families of our veterans, we acknowledge the importance of recognising the contributions that they make in supporting their partners who serve.

Veterans’ families are the life blood of the Defence community and, all too often, we forget the sacrifices they make to ensure that their family unit remains strong when the serving member is both away and at home. Veterans’ families are also essential in supporting those veterans who bear the hidden scars of their service, by helping them heal.

“This public recognition reinforces the importance of the veterans’ family unit in the ongoing well-being of those that serve or have served, so let’s give them the huge thank you they deserve.”

One in 17 South Australian households is home to a current or former servicemember.

South Australian Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Joe Szakacs said the state is proud to lead the charge in recognising Australian veteran families.

“South Australia is proud to lead the charge by becoming the first Australian jurisdiction to formally establish a dedicated day of recognition for veterans’ families,” Szakacs reflected.

“Families play a vital role in supporting our veterans, both during and after service, and the South Australian government has acted to ensure they receive the recognition they rightfully deserve.

Veterans’ Families Day provides a valuable opportunity to acknowledge the contribution and personal sacrifices made by veterans’ families who stand alongside and support their serving family member every day.”