Strong Defence Force and healthy budget are Australia’s insurance policy

26 Oct 2014

A government’s first priority is to ensure the nation’s defence and security. And adequately resourcing defence is a core part of this responsibility.

Read The Assistant Minister for Defence opinion piece here

ADSO comment

The Government’s first priority, to ensure the nation’s defence and security, means that it is in the national interest to raise and maintain a ADF that is effective, efficient and professional capable of deployment anywhere, anytime that the Government/Parliament orders. The core of the ADF is its members willing to give their lives for Australia but in return they expect the Government will provide them with pay and service conditions that are fair, reasonable and caring to them and their families.

The proposed WRA in the opinion of many does not do that. Minister Robert’s Mother Hubbard comment ” …. that the cupboard is bare” does not accord with the Government’s first priority as it relates to maintenance of morale in the ADF.

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