Tony Abbott’s War Against Veterans

10 Dec 2014

The Government’s cruel and vicious war against Australia’s veterans and their families needs to stop now, writes contributing editor-at-large Tess Lawrence of Independent Australia.

WAR AGAINST AGEING DEFENCE VETERAN PENSIONERS, widows and families, waged in our name, has to stop. Now.

No reloading the ammo. No miserly crumbs scattered in their direction. No entente cordiale.

Take them out of Hockey’s Budget crosshairs.

No more political spraying of Agent Orange. No more kicking them in the guts. No waiting for them to die so that we don’t have to give them back pay well overdue, let alone give them financial equity and some measure of peace of mind in their dotage; instead of this continuing mindless obfuscating and fiscal greed.

We know where the Tomb of the Known Australian Soldier is to be found. It is within the Seventeenth Parallel of our national conscience; where the other bodies from the Vietnam and other squalid wars are buried.

Then there are the bodies of the walking dead, that remain above ground and in our midst, but well off the radar of successive Australian governments.

It is with utter contempt and despair that Independent Australia reveals that, as we go to press, since November the 26th, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has had on his barnacled desk what is in effect, a begging letter from Colonel David K Jamison, AM (Rtd), representing the diminishing band of brothers and sisters of the Australian Defence Service and Ex-Service Organisations and their widows and families, who for decades have been pleading for financial justice from successive Australian governments.

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