Update 18

24 Apr 2012



Issue #18 Dated: 24 April 2012

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Operation AWARE is drawing to a close as far as the involvement of our supporters in the major activities is concerned, and already we can say it has been a major success. Our activities have generated a “frenzy of interest” in radio and print media and national TV coverage, and this interest continues in the lead up to ANZAC Day.

AVM Peter Crisss appearance on TV Channel 10 Breakfast Show on 16 April  generated an item on their evening National News and his radio interview on 2UEs Jason Morrison Show,  as well as his interview on the ABC AM Program on 19 April.

Peter was again interviewed by Greg Carey on 4BC on Friday 20 April.  

Peter was also interviewed for 3AW news broadcast in Melbourne. Other radio stations are also expressing interest in wanting to find out more about the Fair Go Campaign.

Concurrently on the TV front, Major General Jim Molan gave a “plug” for the Campaign at the end of a Channel Nine interview on Afghanistan. He was invited to re-appear on the Channel Nine Today Program on Sunday 22 April to specifically talk about the indexation issue. With the aid of a new comparison graph Jim was able to clearly present the indexation injustice. We are waiting for the Channel 9 podcast to be posted on their website.


Note: In this graph Male Total Average Weekly Earnings (MTAWE) are the base constant against which are shown the relative cumulative percentage increases or decreases, over time, of the several classes of Commonwealth pensions.

Peter Criss appeared on the Channel 10 Breakfast program today Monday 23 April. No video podcast has yet been posted. When posted watch it here and leave a comment : The tab “My Breakfast” offers a Have Your Say: 

Pete Criss was again in action on Howard Sattlers Drive Time on radio 6 PR this afternoon. Now this was rivetting thanks to Howard allowing suitable time for both Pete and MP Gary Grey to discuss the military superannuation indexation matter in some detail. This is a must listen to hear the Governments rationale for not accepting our claim. After the interview, listen to the radio talk back comments here.

Please understand that many of the media opportunities are fleeting and we receive too little notice to alert you by email. Therefore, we will post media alerts on www.adso.org.au Home page. Please keep in touch here. Note that many media activities are planned events and subject to the fluidity of the TV world of news and current affairs.

Your support for the OP AWARE media exposure has been excellent, thank you. The 2UE Website in particular, was inundated with comments from our supporters after the Jason Morrison interview with Peter Criss. Your continued support for these media events is critical to the ongoing campaign. Please go to the 4BC link now and leave a comment after listening to Fridays interview with Greg Carey.

As a standing operational task please support all our media appearances by listening/viewing or reading them and having your say by adding your comments on the website.

We are encouraged by the number of print media reports, opinion pieces and letters to the editors. They can be seen on our website home page www.adso.org.au under News.

As at today the video “The Honourable Thing to Do” by Colonel Ray Martin has generated 7,743 hits. Watch the video here. Lets keep this going by relay to your family and friends

Senator Xenophons Action

The Senator has reacted to our Op AWARE Campaign with a Media Release calling for an independent investigation into the Governments costs of Fair Indexation. See it here


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From the “Fair Go!” Team

Campaign Directors: Ted Chitham , Ray Gibson 

Campaign National Spokesperson: David Jamison 

Stay current with the Campaign at www.adso.org.au