UPDATE 29 – Reality Check

4 Jun 2013


In this Update:
• ADSO releases a new video by AVM Peter Criss correcting the PMs mythical tale to College Students

• AVM Peter Criss talks about the promised meeting with the PM on 2GB

• ADSO sets Minister Snowdon straight – again!

• How you can help

And the Band Plays On…
It is with little surprise that we report, based upon current evidence and nothing in the Budget on military superannuation, the Governments isnt fair dinkum with the defence family on our issues and has excluded us from their mantras of a “fair go” and “leaving nobody behind”. Judge this from the articles below.

We note that the Coalition has re-affirmed its pledge that in Government in its first budget it will legislate for fair superannuation indexation as we seek for DFDB/DFRDB superannuates over 55 years old only, excluding DFRDB disabled and reversionary widows under 55 and all MSBS superannuates. We want and expect fair indexation to be applied to all military superannuation schemes.

We are also waiting for the major Parties to state their policy on defence personnel on veterans matters, specifically the restoration of parity for veterans disability pensions.


In the last Update 28, we were heartened by the PMs agreement, on the 7th March 2013 at Rooty Hill, to meet with ADSO leaders in Canberra. Well its now 3 months later and just like the song “Im waiting for ships that never come in”, we too are “… just watching and waiting in vain.”
Our expectation is that at this meeting the PM would discuss the Governments action to address our issues. There are only eleven days of Parliamentary sittings left to act and 102 days to the election.
The Medias keen interest in the event was answered by Pete Criss on 2 GB in this interview last week.


Earlier last month, the Prime Minister attended a Brisbane school and participated in a Q & A session. One of the students asked the PM a question on military pensions which prompted her to regale the audience with a lovely fairy tale about generous military retirement pensions that are far superior to the age pension. Of course, every fairy tale needs a bogeyman and so she raised the wicked spectre of the billions of dollars it would cost the Nation to change the indexation system.
ADSO has now produced another version of the tale in a new video in which the mythical world of the PM is brought crashing back to earth with a hard reality check by our National Media spokesman Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Peter Criss.
Please watch the video, click Like and make a comment. Importantly, dont forget to share the link with all your networks and other contacts and encourage them to do the same. And send it to your local MP and State Senators.


The Ministers comments in the House of Representatives on 15 May 2013 during the debate on the Veterans Affairs Legislation Amendment (Military Compensation) Bill proved again that the Minister continues to ignore the facts of military superannuation indexation.
In those comments he said: “I am not going to go to the merits of the arguments (military superannuation) because I do not agree with them….”

Read all his comments and our rebuttal


Calculate your superannuation loss here and use that information in any further letters or meetings with politicians.

If you are receiving a disability pension then your loss is $3300 p.a. at the special rate (SRDP or TPI rate) and pro rata for those on other DVA Disability Pensions.

If you are one of about 200,000 people that are adversely affected, then we want you to voice your concern direct with your local MP, State Senators and Ministers and Shadow Ministers. Contact them in their electorate offices here or use the CSV files here . Make a personal visit or write an email (ask for a read response), a fax, a personal letter (ask for a response beyond acknowledgement), or use their facebook and their websites etc where possible.

If you are one of the few members of the Defence Family not directly affected then we know you would want to support the Defence Family by also making direct contact as outlined above.

And if you are an Australian who cares for those who defend our nation we trust that you will help support the Defence Family to correct these injustices.

Stay in touch with developments every day here

Thanks for your support.

The Fair Go Team

Campaign Directors: Ted Chitham, Alf Jaugietis
Campaign National Spokesperson: David Jamison
Stay current with the Campaogn at www.adso.org.au/cms