Vale: Lt Col Harry. A. Smith SG MC (retd) 1933-2023

24 Aug 2023

The RAR is saddened by his passing.

Lieutenant Colonel Harry Arthur Smith, SG, MC was a senior officer in the Australian Army, seeing service during the Malayan Emergency and the Vietnam War. He was the Officer Commanding D Company, 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment during the Battle of Long Tan on 18 August 1966. Read more

His funeral will be held at 1300 hrs (1pm) on Wednesday 30 August 2023 at Gregson & Weight Funerals, (07) 5443 9953, 159 Wises Road, Buderim

Dress: Coat, tie, medals

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REST IN PEACE, Harry your Duty has been Done

Homeward Bound

I saw the shooting star burning so bright
Falling, falling, fading and soon from sight
So distant and yet so near
In its wake, a soldier’s journey so very clear
Duty, sharing, caring, courage and sometimes fear

No longer a mortal in life’s short race
A contented spirit bound for home somewhere in distant space
This fiery trail I saw tonight marks a warrior’s farewell
Leaving behind another legacy of proud deeds to tell

by George Mansford©