11 Feb 2018

ADSO endorses the DFWA’s Media Statement.

The anger across the Australian Defence Community, and the public generally, at the Greens ‘coward’ slight aimed at now Senator Major General Jim Molan, AO, DSC (Retd) is palpable.

download 40 Mr Adam Bandt MP words are in themselves cowardly. By throwing aspersions at the character and actions of a long-standing military servant of the nation who has not only been renowned for his integrity but who has been at the absolute forefront of protecting Australian values, not to mention its borders, is a disgrace of the highest order.

The ex-service community as a whole of which the Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA) is a part, considers the Greens MP’s comments spineless in the extreme, made worse by the senior leadership of the Greens, led by Senator De Natalie, effectively supporting Mr Bandt’s denigrating words and attempts to justify them. 

Not only were the comments unbecoming of a member of the Federal Parliament, by inference they directly targeted the whole veteran community and those currently serving, many of whom are presently away from their families serving in harm’s way and with distinction across the globe. 

Such service appears to mean little to Greens members of Federal Parliament. By direct contrast, the vast majority of the Australian people strongly support the dedication of the men and women involved and acknowledge the exceptional service they give to their country.

DFWA seeks to represent the issues of the members of the veteran community and those presently serving. Such disgusting smears made by the Greens, individuals who have never served in harm’s way, nor sought to understand the challenges the men and women of the ADF face, must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Generals down to the sailors, soldiers and the men and women of the air force regularly face life and death situations. This warrants more than a modicum of understanding, not craven attacks on them or their integrity in Parliament.

Members of the ADF serve at the direction of the legally elected Government. They do it with courage, backed by a tradition of honour in representing their nation in difficult circumstances. They do not deserve unwarranted attacks in Parliament by those who should know better.

While it must be acknowledged that Mr Bandt MP has now offered two apologies to Senator Molan, the first clearly inadequate and insincere, the Australian Defence Community must continue to have suspicions about the motives of the Green members of Parliament.

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