#Veterans Clawback – ABC Radio Interview of Col Ray Martin (Retd) by Steve Austin

6 Jul 2017

This ABC Brisbane Radio 612 4QR’s Steve Austin interview of Col Ray Martin (Retd) (past CO 1 RAR) today highlighted the issue.

Following the interview five callers affected by the Tax legislation explain the facts of the matter and the impact on their lives.

This is a must listen to radio broadcast

Steve Austin Introduction: Start to 01.25 minutes

Ray Martin interview : From 03.24 to 23.44 minutes

1. Shane: From 35.13 to 43.09 minutes
2. Tara : From 43.12 to 47.21 minutes
3. Stuart: From 47.23 to 54.03 minutes
4. Ian: From 54.04 to 56.51 minutes
5. Jason: From 57.45 to 64.40 minutes

A further discusion on the subject, with possible responses from the Government, is expected on the same program tomorrow (Friday) from 8.30 am