Video – Diggers Dudded

12 Oct 2014

This video posted on YouTube has been prepared by a concerned member of the Defence Family with these comments:

“To highlight the Australian public’s reaction to the ‘pay offer’ that Australian Defence Force personnel will be directed to accept shortly.

The proposed ‘offer’ is in effect a pay cut PLUS a leave cut…

The assistant Defence Minister, Stuart Robert, said in relation to the pay ‘offer’ … “Ultimately, our personnel are our nation’s most important military capability and supporting them is my highest priority.”

“In an environment of fiscal restraint I have taken a considered, methodical approach to this process which balances the government’s remuneration policy with recognition of the unique nature of military service.”

……. Hmm ….. Yes Minister? …

The video is endorsed by ADSO.

ADF members are asked to complete the Defence Force Welfare Association DFWA’s Survey Questionairre on the WRA (pay) matter. To date over 10% of the ADF have completed the survey. Have your say now. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire, which will greatly assist the Association in making its submission to the Tribunal. Please advise as many of your ADF colleagues of the questionnaire and encourage them to complete the questionnaire as soon as possible.