16 Aug 2013


On Vietnam Veterans Day (18 August) we pause to commemorate those who fought and died in service to our nation in the Vietnam War. We must never forget the service of almost 60,000 Australians and the sacrifice of 521 warriors who died.

In our remembrance we include those who continue to bear the scars of war and their families caring for them. And we dedicate ourselves to caring for them and their families – our Defence Family as well as protecting their entitlements

The commemorations this year have special significance at the Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk in Seymour Victoria where the names of ALL service men and women who served in Vietnam are recorded on tablets in a truly impressive memorial. This should be a pilgrimage for us all.

“Honour the dead but fight like hell for the living” is The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (VVAAs) motto which ADSOs Fair Go Campaign fervently supports. We show the Government, the Parliament and all Australians that we are prepared to “fight” for our Defence Familys rights.

On VV Day wherever you gather together socially with fellow warriors and family, over a beer or around the BBQ, to recall service memories please include a comment on what the Fair Go Campaign is doing to support our Defence Family.

All for One… And…One for All

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