Warrior Poet George Mansford Poem – God, Please Don’t Strike Our Military Purple

5 Sep 2023

  God, Please Don’t Strike Our Military Purple  

Always has been personal pride of warriors wearing military thread
Confident and firm stride, be it off duty or on parade being led
Spic and span, and ever so proud, the cloth has always been worn
Long, long before today’s mindless WOKE vandals were born

Countless columns marched with pride and purpose in both peace and war
Wearing khaki, jungle green, Cams and other military shades seen before
Worn from the youngest cadet to the aged warrior grounding arms for the last time 
Forever ‘neath eagle eyed masters of discipline with shrieking orders clearly defined 

To ensure discipline, unity and purpose are developed as columns train for war
And where edicts to dress in purple for a special cause are never, ever more
Please God, don’t give WOKE purple paint, if and when they knock on your door

George Mansford © August 2023