WithYouWithMe – A Veteran Owned Employment Support Organisation

21 Jun 2017

WithYouWithMe is a veteran owned tech start up that solves the problem of effectively transitioning personnel from the ADF to the Australian private sector.

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Australian society has long struggled to manage the transition of veterans into the workplace because they generally don’t understand the military lifestyle, career, experiences and skills, and thus cannot assign positive value to them.

WithYouWithMe is partnering with Australian businesses to fill this knowledge gap and educate the Australian working force on the true value of veterans in the work place.

The Veteran Employment Report created and researched by us to explain the extent of the problem. Like us, I think you’ll find some of the results eye-opening.

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We have a variety of business ready to hire Veterans across construction, sales, project management, operations, logistics, cyber and others.

Our program is free for all veterans and will provide free training, preparation and placement into a position. We have placed over 80 veterans into fulfilling jobs this past month.

If you are connecting with Veterans who are unemployed, underemployed or transitioning we would like to chat with them about our career pathways.

Send them directly to https://www.withyouwithme.com.au/ to register their interest or give them my details directly.

Thank you for helping the Veteran community.

Tom Larter
Enterprise Account Manager

E: [email protected]
P: 0400 019 604
W: http://www.withyouwithme.com.au/
L: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-larter-71597589/